As of 28th May 2016, only the most current version of Aarcade themes will receive personal support and updates – read more…

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Big Cartel Changes

Big Cartel have recently introduced their new customisation area. This does not affect the compatibility of Aarcade themes with Big Cartel, however it does affect the way our themes are installed and the way you work with them in your admin area.

As a result, we are now working through our support site to re-write articles where needed. Please bear with us as we complete this process. In the mean time, here are some important notes to help you work with your Aarcade theme and the new customisation area:

  1. To install your theme, you now locate the CSS and Theme Page edit areas as follows:
    • Click Customize design in the top right of your admin area
    • Click the code icon – < > – at the top left of the customisation area
    • Click the CSS or Theme Page as required to paste your theme file code into
    • Click the Done button after each page code is pasted
    • Click the Save button after CSS and all pages have been installed
  2. To locate your custom style area, navigate to your CSS edit area as detailed in item 1 above
  3. To locate your custom options, navigate to your Theme Page edit areas as detailed in item 1 above
  4. To use shortcode in any page content ALWAYS switch to HTML mode, by clicking the HTML button at the top right of the page edit area. Do this BEFORE you add any content.

Shortcode is Broken

If your pages with shortcode content appear broken, please:

  • navigate to that page’s edit area in your Big Cartel admin
  • switch to HTML mode by clicking the HTML button
  • clear all existing content and re-enter your shortcode and other content
  • click Done and Save after you have finished editing