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Can Aarcade install my page template (or other Extra items) for me?

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As explained in our FAQ article What is included in Aarcade's Big Cartel theme installation service?, our installation service does not include installing extras (e.g. page templates, tools, etc.). These extras require only one copy and paste of a single block of code which can be performed easily and quickly.

After pasting the extra code in place – like the Wholesale Order Form for example – you (the user) must review the settings and content in a process of adjusting and testing to achieve the result you desire. This also ensures that you are familiar with how your extra works.

The installation instructions (provided at the product page for each extra) are written specifically to allow anyone to complete installation. The instructions cover every step from downloading / preparing the extra to editing settings and content to achieve the customisation you desire.

I am having trouble installing my template or extra

The instructions provided enable many different users to successfully download / install our extras many times a day, without any issues whatsoever. In short, if you read and follow each step of the provided instructions carefully and completely, you will have no issues with your installation regardless of your experience level.

If you need assistance with installing your extra, simply contact Aarcade Support and let us know which step in the instructions you are at and what exactly you are having issues with. We can not provide assistance if your enquiry is simply “I can’t install my template”.

We are more than happy to assist you if you get stuck while working through the instructions, but please note that Aarcade will not install your extra for you under any circumstance. We feel it is vitally important that you take the brief time required to become familiar with how your extra works. Our support services are provided to help you learn how to use the powerful tools we have created for you – to give you maximum freedom and flexibility for the future – not to manage your shop and tools for you.

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