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Can I change the PayPal account used for my Aarcade subscription?

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If you wish to use a different PayPal account for your Aarcade subscription:

  1. Cancel your subscription as detailed in the support article How do I cancel my Aarcade subscription?
  2. Within the next 24 hours you will receive a notice regarding your cancellation; follow the instructions provided in the notice to re-start your subscription with your alternative PayPal account

Please restart your subscription promptly after receiving your cancellation notice, as your Aarcade services may be suspended after 8 days at which point we will contact you to confirm your intentions regarding cancellation.

Please note Aarcade's Payment Policies. In particular, but not limited to, “There will be no refunds or credits for partial terms of service, or refunds for terms unused with an open account.”

This means that you will be charged again when you re-start your subscription, so you should perform the above steps close to the end of your current subscription period if you wish to minimise the portion of your current payment that will not be refunded.

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