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Can I customise Aarcade Big Cartel theme menus?

Filed in Pre-Purchase FAQs

The menu links shown in our theme previews are examples only. You will have complete control over the links you display in your own shop menus with an Aarcade theme. Your menu links will be displayed automatically as you create your own product categories and custom pages using your familiar Big Cartel admin controls.

What makes Aarcade’s Big Cartel theme menus more advanced?

The menus of an Aarcade Big Cartel theme are more controllable than for any other Big Cartel theme on the market. Most Big Cartel theme menus automatically display page and product category links as they are created. In addition, Aarcade Big Cartel themes allow you to:

  1. Automatically display product sub-category links as they are created
  2. Hide specific page or category links from the menus
  3. Control the location of page links, i.e. display in Page, Category or Footer menu
  4. Create sub-page menus
  5. Control the location and labelling of Home and View All links
  6. Control the location and labelling of the Artist Category drop down menu
  7. Add custom links to any menu, such as a link to a specific product or to an external site

For more information and support for Aarcade’s advanced Big Cartel menu controls, refer to How do I add links to my shop menus? (An overview of all Aarcade menu areas)

Can I change the menu format?

Menu colours and fonts can be easily edited via your theme’s inbuilt features, however the format of menus are set on a per theme basis.

So, for example, you can not change the static format of the product sub-category menus in Uptown to the drop-down style sub-category menus of Milk and vice versa via a theme’s inbuilt settings. However, as we release more style variations for each theme these will include such menu format changes. For more information, refer to How do I install and uninstall an alternate style block?

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