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Can I keep my old theme and shop live while I install and customise an Aarcade theme?

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A theme installation is applied to a Big Cartel account while in maintenance mode. Theme settings can then be adjusted and customisations can be applied as necessary. When the theme is ready to go live, maintenance mode is deactivated.

During this process the public can not access the associated Big Cartel shop because maintenance mode is active. In some cases you may wish to keep your shop functional and accessible while you carry out extended adjustment, testing and customisation on your new theme.

Using a test shop

The only way to achieve this is to purchase a secondary and separate shop account with Big Cartel (i.e. a test shop). This can cost as little as USD $9.99 (based upon the purchase of a Platinum account and subsequent cancellation / downgrade of that account within the first month). You do not need to purchase your Aarcade theme twice if you are installing a copy of your theme to a non-trading test shop and you ensure that this test shop is deactivated after development (see Deactivate your test shop below).

Once you have a test shop, you can install your new Big Cartel theme and add test products and content as you need. You can then spend time adjusting, testing and customising your theme without affecting your real shop.

When you are content with your new theme on your test shop, you can backup the theme – see How do I back up my Big Cartel theme? – and then install it to your real shop following the instructions in section Restoring a backed up theme of the article How do I uninstall a theme or restore a backed up theme?

Installing from the files that were backed up from your test shop will ensure all of your theme-file-based settings and customisations will be included. However, you will need to manually adjust your Big Cartel admin area settings to match those of your test shop (you can reference back to your test shop as needed to achieve this).

Deactivate your test shop

Finally, when your new theme is successfully applied to your real shop, you can remove your new theme from your test shop – see How do I uninstall a theme or restore a backed up theme? – and cancel the associated account (or simply downgrade it to a Gold plan for later use) so that you do not incur any further charges from Big Cartel.

Note that it is important that you do not leave your Aarcade theme installed on both shop accounts, as this will breach Aarcade’s terms and conditions – see What are the terms of use for Aarcade products and services?

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