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Can I see a live installation of an Aarcade theme?

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The theme previews provided in the Aarcade store are exact copies of the HTML rendered by a live installation of the corresponding theme. In other words, what you see with a preview is exactly what you see with a live installation.

We use HTML copies because this method allows us to provide unlimited previews without requiring a Big Cartel account to support each one. Shopping functions, like adding to cart, editing cart, etc. are blocked on theme previews because these functions rely on the Big Cartel platform.

How do I know your themes work and are bug free?

Our themes are used successfully by hundreds of shop owners without any report of functionality issues or bugs.

Our records show that less than one in three hundred support enquiries has required a physical change in Aarcade theme coding to address. In all such cases the changes have been minor and have typically been applied by Aarcade Support within 24 hours.

How do I find shops using your themes now?

If you Google the exact term “made with aarcade. powered by big cartel.” (including the quotes in your search term matches the phrase exactly) you can find shops that are using our themes and that have opted to leave the acknowledgment links to Aarcade and Big Cartel in their footer.

Will you be providing live examples of your themes in the future?

Using HTML copies of live installations is our preferred system for showcasing our themes; we do not have any plans for changing this system.

We may consider the addition of a customer quotes section to our site in the future. The quotes would include links to the customers’ shops with working Aarcade theme installations. While we have the means to locate shops using our themes, we will never share or publish links to customer’s shops without their consent. This examples section would therefore require some development time, which we rarely dedicate to items outside of support and theme development. If the examples section does eventually proceed, it will be announced via the Aarcade updates site.

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