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Can I use my own logo (or header image), colours and fonts?

Filed in Pre-Purchase FAQs

Header and Background Images

Aarcade themes allow you to easily upload your own header image and/or background image in seconds via your Big Cartel admin controls. These images will be hosted at your Big Cartel account, so no external hosting is required.

When you upload a header image, the image will replace the site title text (located at the top of the shop layout or in a sidebar, depending upon the theme) and the header area will automatically adjust in size to fit your image.

If you upload a header image that is wider than the theme header area – refer to What is the size of my header area? – your image will be automatically resized to fit. The height of your header image is limited to 1000px (in nearly all cases your header image will be much less than this).

Aarcade themes also include easy to use controls for setting the alignment (left, center or right) of your header image as well as the margins around you header image (refer to the above-linked article for more details).

Colours and Fonts

Aarcade theme layout colours and fonts can be easily customised via your Big Cartel admin area. Additionally we release style blocks, from time to time, in our Extras section to give you examples and inspiration for different colour and font schemes for your theme.

Google Web Fonts

Our built in font style groups and easy to follow instructions allow you to apply any fonts from the hundreds of Google Web Font families without any web or coding experience required.

Fully Supported

Our installation and getting started articles will guide you through setting your header image, colour, font and other theme options. To view more detailed instructions, refer to the Layout, Colours & Fonts support category.

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