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Can I use PayPal Pro or another payment gateway instead of PayPal Standard?

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As explained in the article Does Aarcade offer themes for shopping platforms other than Big Cartel?, Aarcade develops themes on the Big Cartel web shop platform exclusively. As such, Aarcade themes will only work with the payment gateways allowed by Big Cartel.

Currently Big Cartel (and therefore Aarcade) allows PayPal Standard and Stripe.

Why does Aarcade actively support PayPal Standard?

Aarcade actively supports the use of PayPal Standard and, along with all other Featherweight projects, uses it exclusively for all payment processing.

We support and promote the use of PayPal Standard for the following reasons:

  • PayPal is one of the most recognised and trusted payment gateways in the world.
  • PayPal Standard requires that the customer enter their sensitive payment details at the PayPal web site. When customers see the familiar and trusted PayPal interface, they are more confident in completing their payment and entering their personal details (as opposed to entering details at a small business web site they may have only just discovered).
  • PayPal’s high level security protects customers’ details from the point of entry, removing all responsibility for data protection from you and your small business.

What about the negative press I have read about PayPal?

There are 100′s of thousands of shops on the Big Cartel platform alone, successfully growing their business with PayPal as their sole payment processor.

PayPal has over 100 million users, so negative press is inevitable. Our support of PayPal is based on our own and our customers’ direct experience and does not take any press into account (negative or positive).

Aarcade and a small number of our customers have had PayPal accounts frozen for security purposes. However, in all cases, simply working with PayPal support and providing the requested documentation to validate identity and/or transactions has lead to account re-activation without any issues. This process can be annoying, however it is wise to remember that it is the result of a pro-active security system erring on the side of caution. It is exactly this type of security measure that allows us to confidently promote PayPal as our preferred payment gateway.

In summary, as long as you run your shop and serve your customers honestly and legitimately, PayPal will be one of the most powerful tools in your business development, as it has been for Aarcade and all of our customers to date.

Why doesn’t Aarcade develop a Big Cartel checkout system to work with other payment gateways?

One of the key elements in the order process is the communication of a successful payment back to your Big Cartel shop. This communication operates on a platform level and not in the theme development space. While Aarcade could theoretically develop checkouts for other payment gateways, the lack of successful payment communication would cause all Big Cartel order logging, notices and inventory management to be lost.

For this reason, and given our active support of PayPal Standard, Aarcade has no intention of developing checkout systems for payment gateways that are not supported by Big Cartel.

What if I want to manually manage my orders?

You can use the method detailed in the support article How do I allow my customers to email their orders? to receive orders directly via email and then handle payment (e.g. by wire transfer or other means) and delivery directly. However this will bypass your PayPal record keeping and your Big Cartel automatic inventory management (if applicable) and also interrupts the flow of the checkout process within a single browser window.

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