As of 28th May 2016, only the most current version of Aarcade themes will receive personal support and updates – read more…

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Common features that are not currently included in Aarcade development plans

We aim to only develop and apply features to our themes that have a high demand and/or that we feel provide the best user interface and customer experience. For this reason the following features are not currently included in Aarcade development plans.

We will reconsider these features from time to time and, if a feature demand and value becomes significant, we will move that feature to our development plan. Stay tuned to our updates site for news on theme upgrades and development.

A. Add to Cart without loading the Cart page

All of our themes take the customer to the cart page when a product is added because:

  1. It provides the clearest indication to the customer that the product has been successfully added to their cart.
  2. It introduces the customer to the cart page which is their tool for reviewing their products, quantities, shipping, totals, etc.
  3. It does not introduce any extra steps to the customer’s navigation, i.e. a customer needs to click once to navigate away (or continue shopping) from the cart page after adding to cart in the same way that a customer would need to click once to navigate away (or continue shopping) from the product page if they remained there after adding to cart.

B. Magnifying glass (loupe) style product image zoom

This style of zoom displays only a section of the full-size image in a pop-up box that pans as the user mouses over areas of the standard product image. We do not have any plans to include this style zoom in our themes because:

  1. It adds extra user interface for the customer without providing extra functionality. Our current zoom feature already allows images to be displayed in higher detail and we have found that customers find it far more useful to see this higher detail in the context of the entire product image rather than just a section of it.
  2. It does not work well with mobile devices.
  3. It hinders the visitor’s access to the full size image to use in promoting your products, i.e. for sharing or blogging purposes.