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Do Aarcade themes allow multiple product option selectors?

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The product option selector on our themes is limited by the Big Cartel platform to a single list of options. While our themes include settings that allow you to easily display this list in different formats, i.e. standard drop-down, radio button list or stylised javascript drop-down, they do not currently allow the separation of product options into more than one list.

We are well aware that some shops would benefit from multiple product option selectors, e.g. one selector for size and one selector for colour. While we have noted this for future theme development, it is not currently prioritised as we are waiting to confirm if Big Cartel will be incorporating a solution themselves.

We have developed solutions in the past (like variable priced options), only to have Big Cartel release the same feature a few months after. Repeating such side-by-side development with Big Cartel is obviously not the best use of our resources.

In short, we need to weigh up demand and Big Cartel’s road map before developing complex theme features like multiple product option selectors. If and when we decide to proceed with development, it will be announced at our updates site – see Featherweight Updates.

How do I manage multiple product option groups in the mean time?

You can still provide multiple product options to your customer via your single option selector. To manage multiple product options, please refer to section Combining Options of Big Cartel’s article Options – Big Cartel Manual.

For example, a single option list for a product with multiple option groups (in this case colour and size) might be entered in the Big Cartel admin Product edit area as..

  • Red – Small
  • Red – Medium
  • Red – Large
  • Blue – Small
  • Blue – Medium
  • Blue – Large

..resulting in the product page drop-down selector..

Dealing with long option lists

If the amount of options required becomes cumbersome using this method, we recommend splitting the one product into two or more separate products. With the above example, we could create two products as “Red Product” and “Blue Product”. You can link between split products if it is important to convey to your customer that there are more options. For example, in the “Red Product” description we might add a link:

<a href="/product/blue-product">Get this product in Blue</a>

Aarcade Customer Notes at Checkout

Aarcade themes also include a “Customer Notes at Checkout” system (for PayPal checkout only) that allows your customer to enter custom text or options (for the products you nominate) during checkout. This system can be used for adding multiple / extra product options.

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