As of 28th May 2016, only the most current version of Aarcade themes will receive personal support and updates – read more…

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End of support for older versions of Aarcade themes

In November 2014, Aarcade released its current version 3 themes and simultaneously ceased sale and updates for its version 2 themes. Aarcade personal support for version 2 themes continued for a further 18 months after updates were ceased.

On 28th May 2016 all support for Aarcade version 2 (and older) themes was ended. This support site will remain online indefinitely – for version 2 theme users to reference as needed – however any request for personal support of these themes will be referred to this article.

This removal of support is necessary, as any software product without updates will eventually face issues with compatibility, functionality and security. Furthermore, support resources must be focused on active products to more efficiently move forward.

If you have concerns about continuing the use of a version 2 theme without personal support, please switch to a Big Cartel theme and get your theme support directly from Big Cartel.

We sincerely thank you for working with Aarcade and we hope you continue to enjoy using our products.

The Aarcade team