As of 28th May 2016, only the most current version of Aarcade themes will receive personal support and updates – read more…

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Extras: Wholesale Order Form

Aarcade’s wholesale form template was retired on 20th May 2016

The wholesale order form is no longer sold or supported. Aarcade has retired all older products (including support thereof).

Are you using Big Cartel’s Stripe checkout system?

The wholesale form is NOT compatible with Big Cartel’s Seamless checkout system. If you are using this Seamless checkout now, please revert back to the standard off-site PayPal checkout – via the Store > Settings > Basics > Checkout area of your Big Cartel admin – before proceeding with the following instructions.

I’ve already successfully installed my file using the following instructions and I want to skip to the custom option notes.



Do not use your own computer application to open your template files during the following installation process. These applications often corrupt theme file content and cause AN ERROR WHEN YOU COPY AND SAVE IT IN YOUR BIG CARTEL PAGE.

Please use our file tool to open your files as explained in the following installation instructions. If you follow ALL of the following steps precisely you will not have any issues with your installation.


When you use the product download link provided by Aarcade, your product package will be downloaded to your preferred location on your computer’s hard drive. This is typically your Desktop or Downloads folder.

If you are having trouble locating your product package, try searching for the package by name i.e. or just wholesale-order-form

You can also use the Help menu in your web browser and/or operating system or Google search to find more information on locating your downloads.

If your download is failing before completion, perform troubleshooting according to any error messages you receive as well as your web browser and operating system help resources. We recommend starting with updating your web browser and restarting your computer in this circumstance.

Un-zip / Extract

Once you have downloaded and located your product zip file on your computer’s hard drive, un-zip the package.

Your operating system may automatically un-zip your package after download. If you locate your package and it has already been un-zipped, proceed to the next stage of installation.

Un-zipping your package is usually achieved by double-clicking the zip file. However, for some versions of Windows, double-clicking will browse inside the zip file without un-zipping. In this case, you will need to right-click the zip file and select “Extract to..” (or similar extract command) and extract the zip file contents to your preferred location (e.g. your Desktop).

Your product files must be properly un-zipped before proceeding with these instructions.

Your package should now appear as a folder, not a zip file, on your computer’s hard drive.

Maintenance Mode

To keep your shop changes hidden from the public while you are installing your file, log in to your Big Cartel shop admin and place your store into maintenance mode via your Store > Settings – Options admin section as described in the Big Cartel “How does maintenance mode work?” help article.

Don’t forget to turn maintenance mode off when your installation is complete.

Review ReadMe File

If your downloaded package includes a file named readme, double click this file to open it and review the contents. Your readme file contains important information about using your product.


Start your installation now by clicking Choose File below and then locating and opening your wholesale-order-form.html file within your un-zipped package.