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How do I access my e-mail? (for pre-Dec 2012 – Google-powered email)

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If your Aarcade Domain & Email Plan was set up after the first week of Dec 2012 (i.e. you do not have a Google-powered email system), do not use the following instructions. Instead refer to the instructions provided in the main Domain & Email category.

You can access and manage your e-mail with your web mail interface using a web browser on any computer or mobile internet device. To log in to your web mail go to the ‘mail’ sub-domain of your web site, i.e.

replacing “” with your web site’s domain name.

Your log in username and password is provided by Aarcade Support.

For security, it is strongly recommended that you change your password, via your web mail interface, to a personalised and private password when you first log in. You may be prompted to change you password when you first log in. If not, follow the steps below:

  1. Click your email address at the top right of your web mail window, and select Account settings
  2. Click Changing your password
  3. Enter old and new password as directed and save

Note that as soon as the password is changed in the web mail interface your new password is applied globally. You will need to use the new password when you next log in to your web mail and also update your password in your e-mail desktop application account settings (if applicable – see below).

Managing E-Mail on Desktop and Mobile Device Applications

While you can perform all of your e-mail management via your web mail interface, you may prefer to use a desktop and / or mobile device application. Please refer to support articles How do I access my e-mail with a desktop application? (for pre-Dec 2012 - Google-powered email) and How do I access my e-mail with an iPhone or mobile device? (for pre-Dec 2012 - Google-powered email) for more information.

Other Google Apps

Refer to support article How do I access my Google Apps? (for pre-Dec 2012 - Google-powered email)

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