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How do I add a product category to my Big Cartel shop?

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1. Go to the Products section of your Big Cartel admin area.
2. Click either the Add Product button or any product title.

Product page in Big Cartel admin area

3. Click Edit Categories on the Edit Product page.

Edit categories in Big Cartel

4. Click the Add Category button.

Add a category in Big Cartel

5. Enter your new category name and click OK.

Enter category name in Big Cartel

6. Click the move icon next to your new category name.
7. Hold and drag your new category name, then drop it in place to create the category order you want for your shop navigation.

Edit product category order in Big Cartel

8. When you have finished adding new categories, click the Done Editing button.

Save category changes in Big Cartel

9. If the product associated with the Edit Product page you are on belongs to your new category, check the box next to the new category name. Otherwise leave your new category unchecked for use with products you add in the future.

Your category will not be displayed in your shop navigation until you add a product to it.

10. When you have finished editing, click the Save button at the bottom of your Edit Product page.

Save product changes in Big Cartel

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