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How do I add a slide show to my Big Cartel home page?

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Slide shows can be inserted in any page using the [[slideshow]] shortcode (refer to Shortcodes).

You can enter the [[slideshow]] shortcode anywhere in the content of your custom pages. To use the the [[slideshow]] shortcode on your home and product pages, use the Insert Content method (refer Insert Content).

A Simple Example of a Home Page Slide Show

For a simple example of displaying a slide show before the products on your home page:

1. Create a new custom page (DO NOT rename an existing page) in your Customize design > Pages (pages) admin area – see How do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop? – with the exact title:

x ic before home

Note that this will insert the slide show “before” your current home page products. We would use..

x ic home

..if we wanted to display the slide show instead of the home page products – refer to Insert Content for more location options.

Insert content pages must be created from a new page and named correctly BEFORE the first save. Any subsequent page name change will not have any affect. Read more in section My inserted content is not working as described of the Insert Content support article.

2. Switch to HTML edit mode.

To use shortcode, you must FIRST switch to HTML mode as detailed in the support article How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

3. Paste the following code into the content of the new page:



  1. To replace these demo images with your own images, refer to How do I upload images or files for my Big Cartel page content? to prepare, upload and retrieve public URL’s for your images (no hosting required).
  2. Check the Important Preparation section of the above-linked article to ensure your images are formatted correctly.
  3. Enter only the URL for each image. Each URL must be on a new line and must begin with http://
  4. DO NOT use img html tags, i.e. <img src=”//”” /> is incorrect.
  5. To add links, captions, navigation and styling to your slide show, refer to Shortcodes > slideshow.

4. Click the Save link.

More Details

Note that there are other related resources at Aarcade to help you get familiar with using the slideshow shortcode and customising your home page:

  1. How do I add a slide show to any Big Cartel page?
  2. Templates like the Lookbook Page in our Extras section.
  3. For more details on adding a slide show and/or other custom content to your home page, refer to How do I create a custom home page for my Big Cartel shop?

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