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How do I change my e-mail account ‘From’ name? (for pre-Dec 2012 – Google-powered email)

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If your Aarcade Domain & Email Plan was set up after the first week of Dec 2012 (i.e. you do not have a Google-powered email system), do not use the following instructions. Instead refer to the instructions provided in the main Domain & Email category.

To change the “From” name displayed with emails you send via your web mail interface:

  1. Log into your web mail interface  - refer How do I access my e-mail? (for pre-Dec 2012 - Google-powered email)
  2. Click the gear icon maingear in the upper right of your web mail page, then select Settings.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. In the Send mail as: section, locate the email address you would like to edit.
  5. Click the edit info link to the right of the email address.
  6. In the Name: section of the pop-up window, click inside the text box under your existing name and type what you would like your name to be.
  7. Make sure the radio button beside the text box has been selected (this should select automatically when you start typing your new name).
  8. Click Save Changes.

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