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How do I disable right click on my product images?

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Note that advanced customisation support articles are provided as a courtesy to Aarcade and Big Cartel users. Aarcade does not provide support for advanced customisation. Please read the following related articles:


Disabling right click on an image hinders the visitor’s ability to copy / download your image. However, it does not entirely prevent copy / download, as visitor’s may still disable JavaScript, take screenshots (regardless of the protection you apply) or view your page coding to find the URL of your images.

Because of this, we generally do not recommend disabling right click or getting bogged down in trying to prevent the copy of images. In short, if someone is invested in copying your images they will find a way to do so. In reality it is very rare that content is copied for malicious purposes (i.e. to negatively impact your business) and the only legitimate precaution and protection in this case is obtained by officially registering your business name, copyright and/or trademark. Furthermore, applying protective measures may prevent desired sharing of your shop content (e.g. blog and social network sharing that drives traffic back to your site).

If you feel that copying of your images poses a significant risk to your business, you can disable right clicking by following the instructions in the next section of this article. You might also consider adding a watermark to your images.

Disabling right click

Disabling right click is achieved via JavaScript. To insert JavaScript into your Aarcade theme, we use the method described in the support article How do I insert code into my Big Cartel theme layout? In this case we will be using the x ic head code option.

If you do not already have an x ic head code page, as detailed in the above linked article, create one now. Make sure that you switch the page edit mode to HTML and clear all existing content as described in How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

Finally paste the following JavaScript into your x ic head code page and save your changes. If you already have an x ic head code, you can paste the following on a new line after all of your existing code.

<script type="text/javascript">
fW('img, .product_img').on('contextmenu dragstart', function(e) {
	return false;

Applying the above script will disable right clicking on all images in your shop.

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