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How do I display both my standard and sale price for on sale products?

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When you place a product on sale, your Big Cartel admin controls only allow you to enter one price, i.e. your sale price. However you may wish to display your standard price with this sale price, so that your customers can see the amount they are saving at a glance.

Aarcade themes allow you to do this easily using the xd category prefix from your extended category controls.

Mark Your Product On Sale

In the standard manner, adjust your product price and mark it on sale using your product controls in your Products Big Cartel admin section.

Label Your Product With the Standard Price

Remaining at your product controls create an xd prefix category with the name you desire – refer to Extended Category Controls for more information on xd and other category controls.

Your name can be just the standard price or you might prefer to use the format “Regular Price $X” or similar. In the following example, we have simply used the standard price (i.e. $80):

Make sure you have checked the new xd prefix category to assign the On Sale product to it.

Click the Save button at the bottom of your page edit controls once you have finished editing your product details.

Repeat the above process for all of your On Sale products. If other On Sale products have the same standard price, you can use the same xd prefix category you have already created.

Styling Your On Sale and Standard Price Labels

Navigate to the COLOUR section of your CSS as detailed in the article How do I locate and use my theme's CSS?

In the COLOUR section you will find colour settings for both your sale and xd labels similar to the following:

Styling Your xd and Sale Label

Use these settings to edit the label colours to suit your preferences (refer to How do I edit my Big Cartel theme colours? for more information).

Advanced Styling

To further style your standard and sale price labels, refer to the advanced customisation support article How do I style a standard price label added with an xd category?

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