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How do I get my product page image zoom to work?

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Your product page image zoom is enabled by default. If it is not working, you must ensure that both of the following requirements are met.

1. Image Size

The pop-up image zoom on your product page will only be enabled for product images with an original width or height greater than 400px.

To correct this, establish a new preferred product image size – as detailed in Big Cartel theme product image preparation and size – with a width and/or height greater than 400px and re-upload all of your product images.

2. Zoom Custom Option

The product page zoom can be enabled and disabled via your theme Custom Options. It is therefore important that you first read and understand the article How do I use the Custom Options for my Big Cartel theme? before referring to the following details.

To check the status of the product image zoom custom option, navigate to Customize design > Advanced (advanced) – Product in your Big Cartel admin area and locate the custom option:

{% assign enable_image_popup_zoom = 'yes' %}

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