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How do I install and uninstall an alternate style block?

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A style block is a complete block of style coding that can be pasted into your CSS theme area to change the look of your theme.

Installing an alternate style block

To install an alternate style block:

  1. Visit the Aarcade Extras section
  2. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select your theme
  3. Click your preferred style block and follow the installation instructions provided

Uninstalling an alternate style block

To uninstall an alternate style block:

  1. Launch the open theme file tool
  2. Open the styles.css file from your original theme package (download again if necessary)
  3. Install the styles.css exactly as instructed but do not proceed with any further theme files
  4. Click the Save link to save your changes
  5. Navigate to the original installation instructions for the style block you are uninstalling (see previous section)
  6. Review the Theme Settings list and undo or edit these settings to suit your preference
  7. Click the Save link to save your changes

Style blocks for reference

Style blocks can provide useful inspiration and examples when you are creating your own custom style coding. Because Aarcade themes have many similar elements, reviewing the custom style coding area of all style blocks (not just those created for your theme) can be helpful.

Copying, editing and deleting style block customisation

As mentioned above, the custom style coding area of each style block contains clearly labelled sections of custom CSS added to create the custom look of the style block. You can copy, paste, edit and delete these sections of custom CSS in your own custom style coding area to change the appearance of your theme accordingly.

Remember the other sections of the style block may also have content you wish to copy to your theme’s CSS. You can locate and review each section of the style block individually – note that these sections are explained in the support article How do I locate and use my theme's CSS?

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