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How do I manage my categories and sub-categories in Big Cartel?

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Aarcade developed Big Cartel themes include our Advanced Category System that allows you to create both sub-categories, auto-categories and hidden categories for your store.

Your product categories can be managed via the edit page of any product in your Big Cartel shop. To access a product edit page, go to the Products section of your Big Cartel admin area and click the title of any product in your products list.

In the Basics section of the following Edit Product page, you will see a sub-section titled Category. To begin managing your shop categories, click the Edit categories link at the bottom of this sub-section.

Categories and Sub-categories in Big Cartel

Parent Categories and Sub-Categories in Big Cartel's Edit Product admin area

Category and Sub-category Guidelines

Use the following rules and guidelines to manage your categories and subcategories (for Aarcade developed themes only):

+ Empty Categories
Any category that does not contain a product will not be displayed anywhere in any shop navigation. It is perfectly valid to add a category and leave it empty, ready for later use.

+ New Categories
New categories and sub-categories are created by clicking the Add Category button.

+ Category Order
The order of categories displayed in menus and sub-menus can be changed by clicking and holding the move icon (move) next to a category, then dragging and dropping the category in a new order.

+ Parent Categories
Any category name entered in standard format, e.g. “T-Shirts” and “Bags”, will be automatically added to the top level shop navigation. In the following instructions, these are referred to as Parent Categories.

+ Hidden Categories
Any category name entered with an x-type prefix will be excluded from menus and sub-menus, e.g. “x Specials”, “x New Release”, etc.. For details refer to Extended Category Controls

+ Auto-Categories
Any category name entered with an ac-type prefix will be included in the top level shop navigation and will automatically group products. For details refer to Extended Category Controls

+ Sub-categories
Sub-categories are entered in the format “Parent Category Name - Sub Category Name”. Note that the category and sub-category name are separated with a ” - ” (note the space either side of the hyphen).

A product added to any sub-category, should always be added to the parent category as well, e.g. you have a long-sleeve t-shirt and you have added it to the sub-category “T-Shirts - Long Sleeve”, then you must ensure that you also add it to the parent category “T-Shirts”. For details refer to How do I add a product subcategory to my Big Cartel shop?

+ Re-name Categories
To re-name a category, click the Edit link next to the category name.

+ Delete Categories
To delete a category, click the delete icon (delete) next to the category name.

+ Done Editing
Always click the Done Editing button after editing your categories.

+ Assign Categories
Tick categories and sub-categories to assign the current product (i.e. the product corresponding to the Edit Product page you are on) to them. Always click the Save button at the very bottom of the Edit Product page after making any changes.

For detailed instructions on adding categories and sub-categories and using extended category controls, refer to:
How do I add a product category to my Big Cartel shop?
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Extended Category Controls

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