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How do I remove the American Express icon from my cart page?

Filed in Advanced Customisation

Note that advanced customisation support articles are provided as a courtesy to Aarcade and Big Cartel users. Aarcade does not provide support for advanced customisation. Please read the following related articles:

To remove American Express from the payment icons on the cart page we paste the following style group into the style coding area – ref. Where do I add custom style coding in my Big Cartel theme controls?

/* - - - - Remove the Amex icon from the cart page */
#content .cart_total p.paypal_secure {
	background-image: url(;


background-image: url(;

Changes the background image (used to display the icons) to alternate image file..

..that does not include the Amex icon. See w3schools > background-image for more information.

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