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How do I set my custom domain in my Blogger admin?

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Please note that Aarcade custom domain and email services are only available with an Aarcade Domain & Email Plan.

From your Blogger dashboard click the options drop down in the controls for the Blog you wish to assign your custom domain to. Click the Settings link in the drop down.

Navigate to settings in Blogger dashboard

In the Basic settings, locate the Blog Address setting and click the + Add a custom domain link.

Add a custom domain to Blogger

Enter your custom URL, provided by Aarcade, in the Advanced settings > http:// field.

Enter your custom domain in Blogger

Your custom domain must be in the format:

For example..

..or if we set our Blogger to our main site..

Save your settings when you have finished.

Blogger authentication error

In some cases you may receive an authentication error – typically error 32 – when setting your custom domain as detailed above. In this case you will be provided with CNAME settings similar to the following:

Label: blog Destination, Target, or Points To field:
Label: LEUBD1FYRH63 Destination, Target, or Points To field:

If this occurs, simply send Aarcade Support a copy of the above CNAME settings – making sure that you have copied the complete settings – along with your domain details and we will adjust your records and let you know when your Blogger custom domain is ready.

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