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How do I set up a custom domain for my Big Cartel shop?

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Please note that Aarcade custom domain and email services are only available with an Aarcade Domain & Email Plan.

Option 1: Manage Your Own Domain Settings

If you already have a registered domain name, you can use the controls provided by your domain registrar to apply your custom domain to your Big Cartel shop. As long as you have a Platinum or higher Big Cartel plan, there is no additional cost to applying your custom domain in this manner.

The basic steps for applying your custom domain yourself are:

  1. Follow the instructions provided in the article How do I set my custom domain in my Big Cartel admin? to set your custom domain value in your Big Cartel admin.
  2. Use the domain record controls provided by your domain registrar to create a CNAME domain record for your shop. Note that your CNAME value is your Big Cartel shop address WITHOUT the http:// or www. prefix, e.g. Most record controls will require a period at the end of this value (see example below).

    For example, if your custom domain is your CNAME record would be..



    ..or if you are already using your domain for a web site, you instead might want your shop to be at a subdomain like and your CNAME record would then be..



    If you already see an ANAME or CNAME record in place for the value you wish to use – e.g. www – then edit this existing value, rather than adding a new record, and change it to a CNAME record as shown above.

  3. If you are using your root domain – i.e. – we also recommend that you refer to How do I redirect my non-www to my www custom Big Cartel domain? to correctly set up your non-www prefix domain. For example:


    URL Redirect (no masking)

  4. Wait for your domain record changes to take effect. For more information refer to the section Domain changes do not take effect immediately towards the end of this article.

If you are having problems with managing your own domain settings, please contact your domain registrar to resolve your issues. Your custom domain service is not provided by Aarcade and we therefore can not provide support for it.

Alternatively, see option 2 below.

Option 2: Aarcade Manages Your Domain Settings

Whether or not you have already registered a domain name, you can have Aarcade host and manage all of your domain records for you. This option also gives you hosted and managed email addresses at your domain. To find out more about this option, visit the Domain & Email For Big Cartel product page in the Aarcade Theme Shop.

With this option Aarcade will take over management of your domain completely. If you already have a domain registered and in use, this option will over-ride any email or web site services you currently have set up at your domain.

Domain changes do not take effect immediately

Changes to domain records can take up to 48 hours to resolve; this will typically be indicated by the controls or support provided by your registrar. If you continue to see old domain content after this period, refer to:

  1. How do I flush my cache of old domain data?
  2. Section My Google search results display old content or a robots.txt error message? of How do I update or change the Google search results for my site?

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