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I don’t have Big Cartel yet, how do I get started?

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The following instructions will guide you through the easy steps required to start from scratch and end up with your own independent web shop.
Details, and the minimal costs involved, are explained along the way and the entire process takes only a few minutes.

Indicative Total Cost
Set Up: US $0 to $105 one time cost (avg = $80)
Service: US $0 to $34 monthly cost (avg = $10)
Note that you can get started for free, try things out and upgrade later if you need to.

If you’re not ready to get started, and just want to read more, you can visit What is Big Cartel? What is Aarcade?

Step 1: Do you have a PayPal account?

Yes: Proceed to Step 2

No: Follow instructions below.

PayPal Account Overview

A payment gateway is required to securely process your customer’s payments and keep a record of your payment history. PayPal is the most trusted and best value for money payment gateway available.
Set Up Cost: None
Service Cost: None
Per Payment Made Cost: None
Per Payment Recieved Cost: 2% to 3% local / up to 4% international + $0.30

Create A PayPal Account

1a: Launch the PayPal new account interface in a new window by clicking here.

1b: Click the Get Started button for the Standard option.

PayPal Standard Get Started

1c: Click Create New Account.

PayPal create a new account

1d: Choose your location and language and click Create New Account.

1e: Follow the steps presented to you on the following pages and fill out the requested information. Click Continue where required.

Questions relating to your business require only your best approximation. Note the following:

  1. If you are asked about Sales Venue(s), you can select Other and type “My Own Web Shop”.
  2. If you are asked to choose between Premier and Business accounts, select Premier if you are selling as an individual or Business if you are selling as a business or group.
  3. If you are asked to choose a payment solution, select Website Payments Standard.

Proceed to Step 3

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