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How do I track statistics and conversions for my shop?

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Google Analytics is a powerful and free to use tool for tracking your statistics and it can be activated easily via your Big Cartel site settings. Refer to the Google Analytics – Big Cartel Manual.

Once the logging of statics begins for your shop, you will be able to view ecommerce and conversion statistics in the Conversions section of your Google Analytics admin area.

Additionally you can add goals in your Conversions > Goals Google Analytics admin area to track specific target objectives. In the case of your Big Cartel shop, we suggest adding at least your Checkout page – for example..

..or if you have a custom domain..

..and your Success page – for example..

..or if you have a custom domain..

Your Success page is the page that customers are returned to after completing their purchase.

For more details refer to the Google Analytics help area, including:

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