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How do I transfer my domain registration to Aarcade?

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Please note that Aarcade custom domain and email services are only available with an Aarcade Domain & Email Plan.

Only .com, .net, .org or .us domains can be transferred to Aarcade.

To transfer your domain registration to Aarcade you must use your current domain registrar controls and support services to ensure ALL of the following BEFORE contacting Aarcade Support:

  1. Your domain extension is .com, .net, .org or .us
  2. Your domain is not:
    1. within sixty (60) days of initial registration (i.e. your domain must be more than 60 days old)
    2. within fourteen (14) days of expiration
    Registrar transfers CANNOT be completed in either of these cases. These are limitations put in place by the governmental agency that regulates domains, ICANN. The WhoIs check in item 4 below, will also list your domain creation and expiration date.
  3. Your domain name is unlocked. For more information on this, please refer to your current registrar support.
  4. You have your domain 'authorization code' or 'EPP Code'. Different registrars use different names for this, but it is generally the same thing. This can typically be accessed via the control panel provided by your current registrar and may have been issued when you first registered your domain name. If not, please contact your current registrar to obtain it.
  5. You have disabled domain privacy (if you have this service). Domain privacy must be disabled to allow us to send a transfer request directly to the correct email address (see item 5 below).
  6. You have access to the domain admin email address. This email address will be listed as the Administrative Contact in your WhoIs details. If you do not have access to this email address, or you do not see an email address listed, please update it before you contact Aarcade regarding your transfer (contact your current registrar for assistance if required).

    Check Your Domain WhoIs Information - scroll to bottom of results for Admin Email

    Type in your domain and hit your enter key

  7. If you have existing content (web pages, images, etc.) or email at your domain (including any sub-domains), you have backed up the files (via ftp) and/or messages (refer support article How do I back up my email messages?) you wish to keep.

After you have checked and confirmed ALL of the items above, contact Aarcade Support and request a transfer or use the domain preferences form if one has been provided to you. You must include your domain name and your EPP Code in your request details.

Domain transfer typically takes between 5 and 7 business days, however your domain will remain up and functioning in its current state during this process.

Additional Support

Nearly all domain registrars provide detailed support articles to walk you through the above process using their particular control panels and/or services. For additional support, locate your domain registrar’s support or help area (via their home page if necessary) and search for “domain transfer” or more specifically “domain transfer to another registrar“. Your current registrar will also provide personal support for your transfer if you contact them directly.

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