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How do I uninstall a theme or restore a backed up theme?

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You may wish to back up your existing theme – see How do I back up my Big Cartel theme? – before applying these instructions.

Changing your theme to a standard Big Cartel theme (Uninstalling a theme)

To install a standard Big Cartel theme (i.e. uninstall an Aarcade or other theme), navigate to the Customize design > Themes (themes) and click the Big Cartel theme you wish to install. Note that “Sexy” may already be selected, but you simply click it again if you wish to select this theme.

Wait a moment for your preview to update according to your selection and then Save and Exit the Customize design area.

Restoring a backed up theme

To restore a backed up theme – see How do I back up my Big Cartel theme? – simply follow all of the instructions at How do I install my Big Cartel theme? with the following notes:

  1. You will be accessing your backed up theme package instead of your downloaded Aarcade theme package
  2. If you are restoring a Big Cartel developed theme (i.e. not an Aarcade theme); in the section Prepare Your Big Cartel Admin Area of the instructions click the Big Cartel theme that you are restoring (it may not be “Sexy” – but if it is, still click “Sexy” even if it is already selected).

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