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How do I upgrade my email service to get more accounts or more space?

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Please note that Aarcade custom domain and email services are only available with an Aarcade Domain & Email Plan.

Your Aarcade email service can be upgraded to increase inbox storage space and/or the number of accounts available at your domain. To upgrade your email service contact Aarcade Support to request a subscription change, stating which type of upgrade your require.

A no cost alternative

For individuals and small businesses with low budgets, instead of upgrading your email service we suggest:

  1. Integrating your Aarcade email with your preferred cloud email service, refer to How do I integrate my Aarcade email with my Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or other email service?
  2. Reduce all email addresses to one common multi-purpose address wherever possible (e.g. we use for all sales and support communications). With the flexibility of modern email search and filter tools it is no longer necessary to have multiple email accounts for specific tasks.
  3. Move and add users to free accounts when it is not critical that their address be at your custom domain.
  4. Archive old email messages periodically – see How do I back up my email messages? – and remove them from your server to free up email storage space.

For assistance with consolidating, moving or deleting your email addresses, please contact Aarcade Support

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