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I think my Big Cartel page template is broken

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Please review ALL OF THIS ARTICLE before contacting Aarcade.

Start with checking and upgrading your browser

Using corrupt, outdated and/or standards-lagging browsers can cause many issues, including problems in your Big Cartel admin area. Make sure you are using the latest version of your preferred browser. Check your browser and upgrade now if necessary – see Choosing the right web browser for more information, including the section Troubleshooting browser issues.

Follow ALL installation instructions

The most common cause of template installation issues is failing to follow ALL of the installation instructions – provided on the template product page and/or in the readme.html file in your template download – including the use of an open file tool where applicable.

Re-install your template making sure you apply each step of the installation instructions and check if this addresses your issue.

Are you using HTML frames to apply a custom domain?

If your browser address remains exactly the same as you navigate around your shop – for example the URL is always – then you are using a HTML frame to apply your custom domain.

This can cause numerous problems with your theme. To correct this, refer to Can I use HTML frames to apply a custom domain to my shop?

Check your “Customize design” preview area

The preview area in your Big Cartel admin area (accessed via your admin Customize design link) does not display your shop in a standard web browser environment. For this reason some of your template features and content may not appear or function exactly as they should in the preview area.

If you see issues in your preview area, always check your shop and template installation outside of your preview area to confirm features and content are working correctly. For more information, refer to I am having problems with my Big Cartel Customize design (preview) admin area.

Have you customised your template coding?

If you have customised the core coding of your template (including the addition of custom scripts or other code), re-install your template without this custom coding and check if this corrects your issue. If it does, you will need to seek assistance for applying your code customisation if necessary – see How do I customise my Big Cartel theme?.

Check all common installation error

Broken templates are most often caused during the installation process by:

  1. Not completely deleting the original content in the Big Cartel page before adding the template content
  2. Incomplete copying of a template file content to the Big Cartel page
  3. Not clearing the cache of your web browser after template installation (try refreshing your view of your shop using the circular arrow button your browser controls or refer to Clear Your Browser’s Cache to completely clear your browser cache)
  4. Setting the Use my store’s layout option in your Big Cartel page edit area incorrectly. Always ensure that it is checked unless the installation instructions state otherwise.

If your template appears broken, repeat the installation process and carefully check all of the above points at each step.

Still broken?

If you continue to have issues with your template after working through this article, please contact Aarcade Support for assistance.

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