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Unencrypted email connections and maintaining email security

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Please note that Aarcade custom domain and email services are only available with an Aarcade Domain & Email Plan.

Your webmail and email servers do not operate over an encrypted connection. Encrypted connections provide an extra layer of security to the connection between your device (e.g. computer, smart phone, etc.) and your email server. This type of encryption is focused on protection against malicious users on your local network.

As long as you practice caution (see following section), it is safe and very common to connect to email via an unencrypted connection. For example, the email service that powers your Aarcade email continues to process in excess of 2 million messages a day via unencrypted connections with minimal security issues. This is because:

  1. Almost all email access occurs from secure and trusted networks (e.g. your home, work or mobile network)
  2. Almost all networks have per-user connection encryption / security built in

Always Practice Caution

Regardless of connection type, you should always keep security in mind when accessing your email or private information on the internet.

Never send sensitive or personal information via email and, if you are using a public WiFi network or you are not sure whether the network you are connected to can be trusted, do not access your email or any web sites with your personal log in and information.

Accessing email via an encrypted connection

If you would like the added layer of security that comes with an encrypted email connection, please refer to How do I integrate my Aarcade email with my Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or other email service?

Once you have integrated your Aarcade email with a cloud email service, like Gmail, you can use your cloud webmail and email application settings (replacing your Aarcade account) to send and receive from your Aarcade email address via encrypted connection.

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