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What is Big Cartel? What is Aarcade?

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Big Cartel and Aarcade

Big Cartel is the web shop platform that Aarcade themes are built upon. Using the analogy of a car: Every car has core components that make it run – like the engine and transmission – and that’s what Big Cartel does, it powers your shop.

On top of Big Cartel is placed a theme which provides additional functionality and defines the layout and appearance. Think of it as the painted and styled body of the car with driver and performance enhancements. Aarcade specialises in developing and supporting such themes. We work exclusively with Big Cartel because of its unmatched ease of use and value.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is the easiest way to start and maintain your own online shop; you could be selling your products on the web within the hour.

When you start a Big Cartel account, your shop is available instantly. Your shop and its admin controls are all provided and hosted by Big Cartel, so there is no installation necessary.

With admin controls that focus sharply on ease of use, you can add and edit product details, pricing, options, images and shipping, etc. regardless of your experience level.

Once you add your first product, your sleek shop front is ready to take orders. At any time you can change your shop’s appearance, upload more product images, manage stock levels, automate shipping costs, create discount codes and categorise products – all with just a few clicks.

Big Cartel Product List

Managing a product list from the Big Cartel control panel

Big Cartel includes a selection of free themes with every account, so you do not need an Aarcade theme (or any Aarcade product or service) to set up an online shop with Big Cartel. Regardless of whether you are considering using Aarcade themes or not, we recommend that you get a Big Cartel account today and take it for a test drive.

There is no cost and no obligation involved when you sign up for a Big Cartel gold account and this is the best way to become familiar with Big Cartel and Big Cartel themes. You can upgrade or cancel your Big Cartel account at any time, and you can install an Aarcade or other custom theme at any time, so you also have complete freedom.

To sign up for a Big Cartel account, follow our Web Shop step by step guide.

To find out more about Big Cartel, visit the Official Big Cartel web site.


Aarcade is a project developed by the Featherweight team specifically to provide premium Big Cartel themes, services and support to individuals and small businesses.

We have been developing on Big Cartel since their early years, and we are passionate about using our experience to provide themes that focus on the greatest user experience for you and your customer, coupled with sophisticated design that does not pull focus from your brand, products and content.

In addition we are proud to offer a growing and rich list of truly useful theme features that go beyond any other theme on the market. This is evident by the many features that we have pioneered, that continue to be unique to Aarcade’s themes today – refer to our standard theme feature list for more information.

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