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What is included in Aarcade’s Big Cartel theme installation service?

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Aarcade no longer provides theme installation services. Our new theme versions provide an even easier installation guide that allows any one to install our themes without issues.

To install older versions, follow the instructions in support article How do I install my Big Cartel theme?

Aarcade's optional Big Cartel Theme Installation covers one installation of a single Aarcade-made Big Cartel theme only and is limited to the initial installation work (as detailed in the support article How do I install my Big Cartel theme?).

Aarcade will also carry out the initial set up of some basic theme custom options, based upon your response to our preferred settings questions. For more details on the options included, refer to the installation start-up form that you will be asked to complete prior to installation.

Aarcade’s Big Cartel Theme Installation does not include:

  1. additional installation and maintenance work beyond that described above
  2. additional installation and maintenance work, of any kind, after installation has been completed
  3. styling your shop theme (colours, fonts, header image, etc.)
  4. editing product descriptions, categories or settings
  5. installing Extras / editing custom page content, e.g. wholesale form template installation – for more information, refer to Can Aarcade install my page template (or other Extra items) for me?
  6. uploading products / images
  7. setting up your slide show (see below)

Your Big Cartel admin controls allow you to do this work yourself with ease.

After you purchase a Big Cartel Theme Installation an Aarcade team member will get in touch with you to obtain your store details and schedule your installation. 

Installation Schedule

  1. Please allow up to two business days for Aarcade to process your order before contacting you.
  2. When Aarcade contacts you, we will provide you with a custom link to the installation form.
  3. Once you complete and submit the installation form, Aarcade will carry out your installation according to Aarcade’s work schedule – typically within 24 hours of receiving your form.
  4. When installation proceeds, your shop will be placed into maintenance mode and installation will be completed – typically this will take no more than 20 minutes.
  5. When installation is complete, your new theme will be active (Big Cartel does not currently allow switching 3rd party themes on and off in your admin area – so your Aarcade theme will be on and ready to go) and your maintenance mode will be left at your preferred status (i.e. on or off depending upon the option you chose in step 3).
  6. To finalise the process, we will provide you with a handover notice including important links to your theme information and resources to help get you started.

The timing of the above installation events, with the exception of your form submittal (item 3), is governed solely by Aarcade’s work load and can not be modified. We do not provide any indication, quotes or commitments to installation schedules other than that provided above. To be fair to other customers and our own team, no exceptions will be made.

If you wish to delay your installation after purchase, simply wait as long as you need to (up to a maximum of 6 weeks) before submitting your form.

Does Aarcade’s Big Cartel theme installation service include slide show set up?

All Aarcade themes have slide show functionality built in and ready to use, as explained in the support article Can I customise the home page with any of Aarcade's themes (add a slide show, images, video, etc.)?

Slide show set up may include various numbers of images, caption requirements and even image editing for different customers; it is therefore an undefined scope of work and can not be included in our low and fixed price installation service.

Setting up your slide show is easy and getting familiar with these controls is vital for you to be able to efficiently update your slide show content throughout the life of your shop.

Our support article How do I add a slide show to my Big Cartel home page? walks you through every step of setting up your slide show and has allowed even our least web-experienced customers to easily activate their slide show. Following these instructions is the quickest and best way to become familiar with controlling your slide show.

Of course, if you run into any issues while following the instructions, you can always contact Aarcade Support with a query.

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