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What is the width of my content area?

Filed in Creating and customising content

Knowing the exact width of your content area can be helpful when creating full-width images for slide shows or other content.

Theme Name Content Area Width Notes
Tupelo 1000px The width of content on the Home and Products pages will adjust automatically to fill the browser window. This width can be limited to a maximum size with the home_max_width and products_max_width settings in Extra Styles.
Milk 980px
Invisible Light 940px
Uptown 1000px
Heartbreaker 900px
Downtown 790px This can be increased to 903px wide with the slim_sidebar option in Custom Options.

Following are style blocks that have different values for the content area width than their related theme above.

Style Block Name Content Area Width Notes
Tupelo – Sloop 507px See Tupelo notes in the previous table.
Downtown – Snakewood 1000px

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