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Which theme do you recommend for me?

Filed in Compatibility and my shop

As explained in the FAQ article What are the features included with Aarcade's Big Cartel themes?, all Aarcade themes include the same extensive feature list and the FAQ article Will Aarcade themes work with my existing product image size? details the multiple options available for product image sizing.

With the above in mind, you should choose a theme based upon your own preferences. Review all of the theme demos carefully – including the alternate style block demos linked from the theme product pages – and consider which layout most closely matches your brand / products and the new shop appearance you desire.

Also be aware that your decision is final – see Can I get a refund or swap a theme or template after purchase? – however, as we continue to grow the list of alternate layouts (style blocks) available for each theme, we are improving our “many themes for the price of one” approach. Your theme choice becomes more and more flexible as each new additional layout option (style block) becomes available to you for free.

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