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Which web browsers are Aarcade themes compatible with?

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Aarcade themes are HTML validated and tested on current and common web browsing software including:

  • Apple’s Safari
  • Google’s Chrome
  • Mozilla’s FireFox
  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
  • Opera Software’s Opera

Our themes are also tested on popular mobile device web browsers – see Do Aarcade's Big Cartel themes work on mobile devices?

We do not test themes on significantly out of date browsers. Our testing includes the current version number of the above web browsers, but may also include the previous version number if the current version is a new release (with the exception of Internet Explorer testing, which includes the latest two version numbers as a minimum).

The standards to which Aarcade themes are coded ensure that they remain usable on browsers older than our test group, however our support and development strongly encourages the use of the latest web browser versions and focuses particularly on web browsers that actively strive to support the latest coding standards (e.g. Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox) – see Choosing the right web browser

For our official policy on web browser compatibility, please refer to Section 2 - Products and Services, Clause 5 - Compatibility of our policies.

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