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Will Aarcade themes work with my existing product image size?

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Aarcade themes are designed to work with any product image size. Our themes include advanced options and features to create the ideal layout for your preferred image width to height ratio (square, portrait or landscape), including:

  • Each row of product images (in the product grid view) will automatically adjust its height to the tallest image in that row. This ensures the correct spacing between product image and details (title, price, etc.), even if you are using all landscape format images.
  • Home and products pages include multiple options for setting the product image size including:
    • small – images constrained to 175px wide by 175px high
    • medium – images constrained to 225px wide by 225px high
    • portrait – images cropped to 225px wide and constrained to 300px high
    • large – images constrained to 300px wide by 300px high
    • large freeheight – images constrained to 300px wide with height scaled from original image size
  • Home and products pages include stretch and scale to fit options to allow uniform image dimensions even if your product image sizes differ.
  • The product page includes a small or large image setting as well as options for the location of additional navigational elements.

Different themes will have different default settings for the above items, however, you can adjust these settings after installation to find the best layout for your product images.

Number of Product Thumbnail Images Per Row

All of our themes include the same product thumbnail image size options as listed above. Changing the image size setting will automatically change the number of product thumbnail images per row, i.e. the number of columns. The number of columns that corresponds with each size will differ depending upon the width of the theme’s content area. For full width layouts (i.e. approximately 1000px wide layouts) the sizes small, medium and large settings will result in 5, 4 and 3 images per row respectively.

The Importance of Establishing a Preferred Image Size

Whether you are using an Aarcade theme or not, we strongly recommend that you establish a preferred image size for all of your product images. In other words, you should set an exact width and height (in pixels) to which you scale and crop all of your product images before you upload them to your store.

Setting a preferred image size is standard practice for online stores and plays a very significant role in creating a professional and consistent shop layout.

For more details on the importance of image quality and size, refer to Big Cartel theme product image preparation and size.

If you must have different image width to height ratios for your particular products, Aarcade themes will adjust row heights to match the tallest image in that row (to minimise odd spacing) and, if uniform image dimensions are preferred, this can be achieved easily with the inbuilt stretch and scale to fit options.

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