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Your Theme Installation

Thank you for ordering one of our Big Cartel themes with installation. Please provide your details for the following items and we will schedule your Big Cartel theme installation for the earliest available time.

Note that your URL is incomplete – you can PREVIEW this form but you can not submit it. To submit this form for a purchased installation, please copy the entire link from your Aarcade email and paste it into your browser address field.

Required Items

The FAQ article What is included in Aarcade’s Big Cartel theme installation service? explains the scope (what is and is not included) and schedule for your installation service.

We require that you read this article before proceeding as it addresses common questions like When can I expect my installation to take place? and Can you also install my wholesale order form, slide show, page template. etc.?

Installation Scope
Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Big Cartel Shop URL
Do not enter a custom domain. The above must end with, for example: — don’t forget the http://
Your Big Cartel Admin Password
Please check now that you can log in to your admin with the password you have entered above. For security purposes we suggest you change this to a temporary password for us to use, and then change it back to your personalised password after your installation is complete.
Platinum+ Account
Your Big Cartel account must be at least Platinum level before we can carry out your installation. Please check your Big Cartel admin Store > Plan controls and confirm that your plan is Platinum or higher. If necessary, upgrade your account before submitting this information.
Overwrite Approved
We must be allowed to overwrite your existing theme to complete installation. If you wish to back up your current theme, refer to How do I back up my Big Cartel theme?
Maintenance Mode Status
If you leave maintenance mode on, the public will not be able to view your shop until you are ready to take it live (by turning maintenance mode off in your Big Cartel admin area).
Use An Alternate Style Block
Have your theme installed with an alternate style block (including the extra settings, where not overridden by the preferences you submit below).

Custom Options

If you would like us to preset some of your theme’s custom options – including items like external site and social network links, product sharing tool preferences, etc. – please check the option below.

Note that you can choose to set your custom options yourself, now or any time in the future, as explained by our support article How do I use the Custom Options for my Big Cartel theme?

Custom Options

You can safely leave any of the following items blank and the option will remain at the default value.

The following does not represent all of the options included in your theme. You can make further adjustments to these and many additional options, after installation, by referring to the above-linked Custom Options article.

Primary Options

All Products On Home Page
Additionally selecting this option will hide the menu "View All" products link (since it becomes redundant).
Gift Certificate Link
The Gift Certificate link will take the customer to your PayPal gift certificate interface - requires PayPal checkout.

Product Page Options

Product Prev and Next
Product Quantity
With or without this option, your customer will always be able to edit product quantities at the cart page.
Hide Related Products on your product page
Related products are displayed as a row of thumbnail images below your main product information to encourage your customer to browse further products.
Display Sharing Tools For Your Product Page
Select Sharing Tools For Your Product Page

Contact Page Options

Your contact page will include a contact form by default. Only enter additional contact details in this section if you wish them to be displayed publicly on your contact page with the default form.

Your Street Address
Ensure your complete address is entered, including your country, in your local postal standard format.
Google Map
Your Postal Address
Enter your postal address if it is different to your street address.
Additional Text For Your Contact Page
Enter additional information to display on your contact page, e.g business hours, phone numbers, etc.
Note: Your contact page form allows messages to be sent to your email address without displaying your address publicly. While it is an option, it is recommended that you DO NOT include your email above. Displaying your email address will likely result in an increase in spam.


Show some Aarcade and/or Big Cartel love by displaying some unobtrusive links in your shop footer, or check the following options if you’d rather hide these links. We rely strongly on word-of-mouth to maintain our business so, whether you display our links or just tell your friends about us, any mention of us is greatly appreciated!

Hide Aarcade Link
Hide Big Cartel Link

Note that your URL is incomplete – you can PREVIEW this form but you can not submit it. To submit this form for a purchased installation, please copy the entire link from your Aarcade email and paste it into your browser address field.